Zoom To Greece: A Virtual Glimpse into Greece (Music & Dance)

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20 Ιουν 2020, διοργανωτής Μενούσης Ελληνικοί Λαϊκοί Χοροί Περιστέρι

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Zoom To Greece: A Virtual Glimpse into Greece through Traditional Music & Dance

Did somebody say “Dance!”?

Wherever you are on Saturday June 20th, we ask you to TUNE IN and dance with our friends at Μενούσης Ελληνικοί Λαϊκοί Χοροί Πετράλωνα – menousis!

We hope you’ll take the time to learn and enjoy this weekly summer dance series. Search your heritage, find your roots, know Greece through dance!

Prepared by Μενούσης Ελληνικοί Λαϊκοί Χοροί (Menousis Greek Folk Dance) in Athens, Greece in collaboration with Philo4Thought Hellenic Mentoring Initiative in New York.

Instructor: Paraskevas Ntompros (Founder, Menousis)
Beginner Level: 1:00pm-1:45pm (Eastern Standard Time)
Intermediate Level: 2pm-2:45pm (Eastern Standard Time)

All tickets are free! All are welcome!

Online registration is required for this FREE EVENT. Pass it on!

Registration Link: https://columbiauniversity.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJcsdu2grzkoE9wKnF_X_NjSM-kFXRcet4PJ

Questions? Email P4Tinfo@gmail.com

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