Online Course with Sokratis Sinopoulos ~ Lyra of Istanbul

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03 Ιουλίου 2020,

Labyrinth Online is excited to announce our Summer courses!

We will explore traditional and contemporary techniques of the Lyra of Istanbul (Istanbul kemençesi, klasik kemençe, πολίτικη λύρα/politiki lyra), with a focus on the repertoire of the lyra / kemençe players of Istanbul in 1900. Great importance will be given to improvisation and the analysis of specific makams.

* Players at any level are welcome, though beginners should be aware that they may not be able to follow everything.
* Players of related instruments are welcome (violin, other types of lyra, other bowed instruments)
* Players of other instruments are also welcome, if they are interested.

Cost is $120 (US) for 15 hours of instruction (3 hours/day for five sessions)

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